The CSV Ad Hoc Recipient Upload feature allows District and School administrators to A) add recipients from outside the SIS and B) create flexible recipient groups on-the-fly from existing members using Student ID or Staff ID. 

Recipients from outside the SIS are only added to this specific announcement recipient list and are not added as members of the district. A Private List allows you to add members outside the SIS to a permanent group accessed by Admins. Please see Private Lists within the Creating Groups solutions article to add a CSV list to the system as a permanent group.

Basic Requirements:

  • The imported file MUST BE in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. This feature does not support Excel, Apple Numbers or any other spreadsheet format. If your source file is in one of these formats or applications, please "Save As" or "Export as CSV"  format.

  • Supported language names are available within the "What Languages are supported?" solutions article. Must contain language name

  • Although additional metadata like First Name and Last Name are helpful for reporting purposes, the only requirement for CSV upload is that there must be at least one channel of communication per row OR one ID per row.

  • Only one CSV import per announcement. If you have multiple exports to upload, please combine into one CSV using the provided template.

  • Unable to filter the announcement CSV once uploaded.

  • This feature is not available on smaller devices (< 767px wide) such as mobile phones or small tablets.

  • Set up your CSV file with 8 columns:  ID, ID_Type, First Name, Last Name, Mobile Phone, Land Line, Email, and Language. Alternatively, we have provided a CSV template for your reference. The headers must be present in the CSV in order for a successful upload.


Goal: Send to Parents and Students in the SIS 

  • This set-up will utilize the data in the SIS and send to Gen/Emer contacts associated with the student, abiding by the contact and student notification preferences. (In some cases, students do not have notification preferences set within the SIS, so they would not receive the message if this is the case.)
  • If any content is added within the rows, it will be ignored to match the information within the SIS. 
  • Once Saved, Students will populate as the members of the Private List. However, we cc parents on all announcements, so both will receive the announcement.
  • Not available for Clever clients.

Goal: Send to Staff in the SIS

  • This set-up will utilize the data in the SIS and send to staff, abiding by the staff’s notification preferences. 
  • If any content is added within the rows, it will be ignored to match the information within the SIS.

  • Not available for Clever clients.

Goal: Send to a list of people

  • This set-up will send to the members and communications within the file. (Ex. If email and mobile are listed within the file - our system will send a phone call, text message, and email). The CSV example below is an acceptable upload. 

Directions after CSV has been created:

  1. Create an announcement and click the "CSV" button on the right of the screen to select your CSV for upload.

  2. Select your file from the file upload dialog.

  3. The system will validate your file for missing columns, missing communication values, invalid language or phone numbers less than 10 digits.

  4. Correct any errors and re-upload. If errors are found within the CSV, these members will be skipped if the errors are not corrected. 

  5. No errors - click 'Continue'. 

  6. Your list of contacts will now appear as an announcement recipient, using the CSV filename as the title.

  7. Feel free to add additional recipient groups (although you are unable to add more than one CSV).

  8. Create and send your announcement as usual.

  9. Delivery stats available (Announcement Views from the feed OR within Dashboard - Announcements)