The app has generated machine-translated versions of your English text for the languages required by this class or group. You may edit or replace this content to customize your text translation for each language. Please attempt to avoid compound sentence structure, slang, and colloquialisms for best results with machine translation.

  1. Click on each language to preview the automatically generated SMS text translation.
    Note: If None of your selected recipients receive announcements in a language other than English, no alternate language options will appear.

    To improve delivery time and the overall experience, SMS is capped at 480 characters. The remainder of your announcement will be linked to a unique URL for full viewing.
  2. Make any desired changes to the auto-generated translations.
  3. If you make a mistake, select “Revert to Original”.
  4. When desired translation changes are complete, click “Done”.
  5. To refer back to the original English text, click the down arrow in the upper right corner.

  6. A notification bubble appears when edits have been made to a translation.

  7. Listen to the auto translation within the Review step - click on the Voice tab.

See also: What Languages are Supported?