You can override the text-to-speech recording by adding your own.

When the screen populates after clicking "Customize" next to Voice Calls, the text-to-speech script will be displayed near the bottom of the screen so you can read the message as you record.


Option 1: Record in App

  1. Select “Record in App” to enable your microphone and use the computer to record the message.
  2. The recording automatically begins after 3 seconds. The in-app recording allows 2 minutes of recording time.
  3. Once finished, press the button to stop the recording.
  4. Once saved, you have the opportunity to listen or re-record.
  5. You can repeat this process for any other language listed.

Option 2 and 3: Record via Phone or Share with a Translator

Select “Record via Phone” if you’d like to use a mobile phone or landline to record voice. Or, you can share with another member to create the recording from his/her phone.  If the coworker isn't in the system you can enter an email address instead.

To upload a recording from a phone:

  1. Dial the number listed
  2. Enter the ID#
  3. Follow the prompts to start and stop the recording (Press # when finished recording, 1 allows you to listen again, 0 ends the call)
  4. There is a 5 minute limit for recording this message.
  5. Once saved, you have the opportunity to listen or re-record.
  6. You can repeat this process for any other language listed
  7. Once finished, click the minimize button in the top right to return to the main Customize screen.

The announcement will remain in pending status within the queue until the recording is saved. You can share again with the same person or someone new to create the voice recording.

  • Green notification bubble = # of saved voice recordings
  • Yellow notification bubble = # of pending voice recordings

Option 4: Customize Text-to-Speech

If choosing text-to-speech, you can listen to the recording for each language and make adjustments within the editable content box at the bottom of the Custom Voice screen. Simply type your edits and listen to the recording to approve the content before moving to the next step. You can repeat this process for any language listed.

Important Notes:

  • The queue indicates recording status (pending, ready, or draft). You can edit or delete the unsent announcement from the queue.
  • If a recording is still in pending status 30 minutes prior to the scheduled delivery, the announcement creator will receive a notification regarding the recording status.
  • If the pending recording does not upload before the scheduled delivery, the status in queue will change to ASAP and will send as soon as the recording is saved. This can be edited or deleted within the Queue tab in the Announcement Manager.
  • Emergency Announcements will send as soon as pending voice recordings are completed.