The Announcement Manager houses personally created announcements. Admins can find other member’s sent announcement details within Dashboard - Announcements.

Queue Tab

  • Scheduled announcements and pending announcements awaiting voice recordings are held in the queue tab within the Announcement Manager. The queue indicates recording status (pending, ready, or draft). You can edit or delete the unsent announcement from the queue. 

  • Regarding pending announcements:

    • If a recording is still in pending status 30 minutes prior to the scheduled delivery, the message creator will receive a notification regarding the recording status. 

    • If the pending recording does not upload before the scheduled delivery, the status in queue will change to ASAP and will send as soon as the recording is saved.

  • NOTE: Please ensure your announcement has a “Ready” status in the queue. This indicates it is ready to send. If still in Draft form, you’ll need to edit and add to queue once again so it displays in “ready” status.

Favorites Tab

  • Once an announcement is sent, you can move it from the Archive to the Favorites Tab

  • The action menu (...) allows you to Reuse this announcement or Un-Favorite it (moving it back to the Archive tab).

Archive Tab

  • All sent announcements populate within the Archive tab.

  • From here, the action menu (...) allows you to Reuse or Favorite a sent announcement