The final step in the announcement creation process gives you the ability to preview who is receiving your announcement and better yet, who is not.

Announcement Reach

  1. The initial number indicates the total number of recipients
  2. The recipient roles are broken out in this display - please note this is based on roles in our system so some roles could be duplicated and role totals may not match the total number of recipients exactly.  (Ex. a parent could also be a staff member so this person would be counted twice - once in the staff count AND once the parent count).
  3. This review step indicates if the announcement has been scheduled or a repeated send with end date included.


  1. Each modality is represented with total count of how many members have opted in (Feed will always display total count since all members have access to announcements within the Feed). 
  2. The ring displays language breakdown and hovering over the different colors will also showcase roles receiving the particular message in that particular modality.

Individual List

  1. Search recipients by name/id or filter by role
  2. Sort by language, name, modality, or by those who will not receive the announcement via a modality
  3. Or, export the results to CSV to manipulate the data as you best see fit

NOTE: Twitter reach is not available within the Review step